Chantal Adjoavi

With a passion for life, visual artist and photojournalist Chantal Adjoaví creates with hopes to inspire. As a West Africa native based in the Midwest, she uses her experience both behind and in front of the camera to create, capture and style everything from conceptual portraits, lucid concert photos and document video. “To inspire one is to inspire all, perspective is everything…” she says, as she uses her work to give people a clear vision of what is and what can be. “We’re put on this earth with potential and a purpose, its up to us to embrace that and create our destiny.”

Most recently Chantal has taken a step into the world of radio and has become a part of GENN Media Global Internet Radio co-hosting on their "Hot Topics" show. As well as joining Pauze Radio out the UK home of the "Unique Reggae Mix Show," as an International Brand Ambassador. Pauze Radio is run by the talented DJ Gav Pauze, who she looks to as a credible mentor

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